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Train for your race with Humango
Discover how hyper-personalized AI-powered training plans can take your run to the next level.

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The Minnesota Run Series is thrilled to partner with HumanGo™, a state-of-the-art, goal-oriented training app that delivers personalized endurance training plans utilizing the latest in AI technology. The app motivates endurance athletes to achieve their next level of fitness by delivering step-by-step, structured training plans with detailed workouts and instant feedback from Hugo, the app’s AI-assisted coach. Whether training for your first 5k or going for your half-marathon PR, HumanGo™ will help our runners achieve their finish line goals.
HumanGo™ takes your training history, your current fitness levels, and all your event goals of the season and creates fully optimized training plans while giving its users tremendous flexibility. When life’s moments get in the way of training; family, work, travel, sickness or injury, the AI engine will replan the training schedule so our runners always stay on the right path. HumanGo™ also provides a social section of the app, where athletes can connect with others racing the same Minnesota Run Series events, train together, and share training experiences. And best of all….coach Jaci Wilson is involved and will provide our runners training tips, answer
questions, and deliver practical training and race guidance in the private Minnesota Run Series Group inside the Humango app.

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HumanGo™ is a very affordable training solution for endurance athletes, coaches, clubs, and
teams. Discover more at or signing up below for a free, no risk 30-day trial.

Click on plan to print out

Half Marathon plan starts March 25

Also check out Coach Jaci for training tips leading up to the race

10 Mile plan starts April 8th

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5 Mile plan starts April 22

5K plan starts May 6

Meet Coach Jaci

She will be providing a monthly training plan and training guide called
"The Runners Tool Box" for all MN RUN Series Runners. 
Coach Jaci's Website
Book a free 15 min consultation
Follow Jaci on Instagram

Download your training guide here:

Coach Jaci
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